“Baby Shark”: the real story behind the viral song for boys that sweeps on YouTube

A very simple lyrics, many colors and a fun choreography turned an inconsequential children’s song into one of the most listened to hits in history. Recently entered the Billboard ranking and the updated numbers that can be seen on YouTube surprise: it has more than 2 billion views and hundreds of versions. Here is the story of the “Baby Shark”.

It is a children’s song produced by South Korean children’s entertainment company Pinkfong. Last week finished as number 32 of the Billboard list of the 100 most popular songs in the United States and to date, has 2,190,962,161 views on the most popular video platform.

According to Nielsen Music, a company that measures the success of songs, the song was heard 20.8 million times last week.

Interestingly, the song is not new. It was published in 2016 by Pinkfong, and has been growing in popularity since then. According to the producer, the theme supports its success in several factors. On the one hand the Korean pop groups Girls’ Generation and BLACKPINK, who started dancing and singing the song. In addition, YouTube also included this hit on Rewind, its video of the most viral content of the year. Currently there are more than 100 versions of the “Baby Shark” in 11 languages.

Where did it come from?
Shawnee Lamb and Robin Davies are the creators. They are two American educators who in the 90s wrote the song, which began to become popular in nurseries and kindergartens.

However, her first encounter with fame came in 2007, when the German Alexandra Müller uploaded a video to YouTube where she sang “Baby Shark” in a more danceable version and that was titled “Kleiner Hai”. And it was such a success that the woman achieved a record contract and the single reached the 25th place in the German rankings. Even today it is an issue that sounds a lot in the European country.

But the real madness emerged in 2015, when South Korean company Pinkfong released the version we all know. There you can see two children dancing the choreography with the images of the sharks in the background. Little by little, the family of sharks that tries to eat some fish appears, which then find a place to stay safe and the Shark family must go to look for food elsewhere.

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