Cameron County Office Sends Warning to Spacex for Potential Risk for Locals

Cameron County Office Sends Warning to Spacex for Potential Risk for Locals

It’s wise to assume that, Overpressure associated with the result of the prototype exploding, generating sufficient force to damage nearby buildings.

The test on Monday is supposed to be the last test of the Starhopper, which is a launch system prototype for SpaceX’s formidable Starship project. Starhopper passed successful a prior test in which it rose 65 feet or 20 meters and then landed safely to the ground in July. On Monday, SpaceX expects to have Starhopper launch to a full 650 feet (198 meters) before returning to the launchpad; if it’s successful, CEO Elon Musk said they’d follow up with a public presentation; hopefully, mid-September, giving more details for the project.

Establishing safety zones around commercial launch sites isn’t an unusual practice, however, that the safety zone contains a resident (“nearly all of them not by choice”) is much odder. Locals instructed Business Insider they have been less than thrilled with the possibility of SpaceX which has already had roads in the region closed during test dates shattering every window in their homes

Another situation regarding the launch site is fresh in memory. The July check of Starhopper resulted in a brush fire that eventually burned 100 acres of wildlife refuge within the surrounding area.

Bryan Winton, manager of the Lower Rio Grande Valley national wildlife refuge at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, informed Business Insider that SpaceX instituted better fire-prevention policies following the incident in July, including coordinating with local agencies, installing more water cannons on the launchpad, and conducting controlled burns.

However, SpaceX plans to launch even bigger rockets from the site in the future, such as a Starship Mk1 prototype that uses three Raptor engines (Starhopper depends on one). Some reports have confirmed that SpaceX may cannibalize the Starhopper for parts in its rush to build the MK1 prototype.