Another Flue Death This Year,14-Year-Old In San Diego

A 14-yr-previous lady is the first baby to die from influenza this season in San Diego. The woman, who died on Feb. 12, had an underlying health situation, following the County Health and Human Companies Company. She had contracted influenza A, often known as H1N1, the county says, and had not acquired this season’s flu vaccine. “Pediatric influenza deaths are very unlucky. Our condolences exit to the household” stated Wilma Wooten, County public well-being the officer. “This can be very necessary that folks get vaccinated as a result of influenza will be lethal.”

The teenager is one in every of five flu deaths reported final week, bringing the county’s death toll this season to 35 folks. The opposite ends last week had been four males —ages 82, 73, 62 and 56 — and all had underlying medical situations. Solely the 82-yr-previous and the 56-yr-outdated had been vaccinated, the county says. At the moment final season, there had been 268 deaths. “Influenza continues to be widespread. When you have not gotten a flu shot, do it now,” Wooten added.

Last week, 539 lab-confirmed instances of influenza have been reported, compares to 476 on the identical time last season. The vast majority of instances have been of the H1N1 virus, the county says, which usually impacts youthful and center-aged adults as a result of they haven’t been uncovered as a lot as older adults.

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