For a vice of the UIA, “there is a worse situation than in 2001”

Always spicy with his statements about the progress of the economy and the country, the third vice president of the Industrial Union of Argentina (UIA), Guillermo Moretti, said on Thursday that “there is a worse situation than 2001″ and that the current Macrist model ” it’s worse than the 1976 one. ” “It has never been seen, in such a short time, that such a disaster has occurred in the industrial sector,” he said.

The industrialist reiterated that “those who vote for this model commit suicide,” and stressed that “this is not the patrimony of this government,” since “we lived with Martínez de Hoz, with menemato, and with De La Rúa.” “We always go back to the same thing,” he added, in dialogue with Radio Caput.

“They talk about subsidies being crazy and they do not even know what energy is subsidized in the different countries of the world,” said the head of the Santa Fe Industrial Federation, adding: “They compare what is good for the United States.”

Regarding his company, which produces chemical products for construction, he said: “We are in a very difficult situation. In 2015 I had four machines working three shifts, and now I have a machine working a single shift. “

The leader described the situation of the industry: “In May fell 1.2%, in June, 8.1%, in July, 5%, in August 5.6% in September, 11.5%, October 6.8 % and November 6.3%, December also falls, this is getting worse “.

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